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Who was the most-Googled candidate during GOP debate?

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The Republican presidential candidate who was most-searched on Google during Thursday night's debate wasn't even there.

Though real estate mogul Donald Trump decided not to take part in the debate hosted by Fox News, his name was entered into the search engine much more than any other candidate during the event's two hours, according to Google, co-sponsor of the debate.

Trump backed out of the event over an escalating feud with Fox News and moderator Megyn Kelly. He instead held a coinciding rally at Drake University in Des Moines, which he said raised upwards of $5 million for veterans organizations.

The searches for Trump's name seemed far and above the other candidates between 9 and 11 p.m., according to a Google Trends. Exact numbers weren't released, but at one point, the search interest for Trump appeared to reach 100 percent.


Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz seemed to gather the next-most interest from searchers; Rubio at one point had a 49 percent search interest. Cruz seemed to top out at about 41 percent. Jeb Bush and Ben Carson had relatively little interest, and Chris Christe's name does not appear on the graph at all.