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Will Carly Fiorina be next to leave presidential race?

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Carly Fiorina at a campaign event at Iowa State University on Saturday.Mary Altaffer

On Monday, it was Mike Huckabee. On Wednesday morning, it was Rand Paul. That afternoon, it was Rick Santorum who dropped out of the race.

What did they have in common? None of them would have qualified for Saturday night's Republican debate under the rules crafted by ABC News and the Republican National Committee. Only candidates who finish in the top three spots in the Iowa caucuses or in the top six spots in national or New Hampshire polls will make the stage. Also, there won't be an undercard debate that night.

Under the set rules, Carly Fiorina likely won't qualify for the debate either, so will be she the next to leave the race? I caught up with her Wednesday afternoon in Manchester and asked her.


Ground Game: Do you think the debate criteria are making it harder for candidates like you to stay in the race?

Fiorina: No, I don't think they make it difficult for me to stay in the race. I'm staying in the race. But I do think it is ridiculous when there are only eight of us left, that ABC, through some arbitrary decision, or the RNC, decides that I cannot be on the stage.

Ground Game: What does your path to victory look like right now?

Fiorina: Well, the same path that has gotten me this far. I started out as 17th of 16 candidates. Less than 4 percent of voters knew my name. We were told we couldn't raise the money, we couldn't build the team, we couldn't do any of this, and here we are. Look at the best people we bested: Rand Paul, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal. All these people. Everybody they said we couldn't beat, we beat them.

Ground Game: But there are some who say you are next on that list.


Fiorina: No, I am not next on that list. You see, I've come further, from further behind than anyone running. I've beaten the people, who are ahead of the polls of me here, in Iowa. I have beaten people or tied with them who have spend tens of millions of dollars. No, I am in this for the long haul.