Bernie Sanders raises more than $5 million following N.H. win

Last night, Bernie Sanders held an unconventional fund-raiser after his decisive N.H. victory over Hillary Clinton. In the middle of his victory speech, the Senator from Vermont asked supporters to go to his website to donate money.

The request paid off. Sanders raised $5.2 million in just 18 hours after the polls closed, according to Bloomberg News.

“I am going to New York City tonight and tomorrow, but I’m not going to New York City to hold a fund-raiser on Wall Street,” Sanders said Tuesday. “Instead, I’m going to hold a fund-raiser right here, right now across America.”


Sanders asked for small donations of under $100. He frequently mentions on the campaign trail that the average contribution to his campaign is below $30.

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The response from supporters appeared to bring down Sanders’ campaign website briefly, some Twitter users reported.

“So there it is, that’s our fund-raiser,” Sanders said. “Pretty quick.”