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Tom Brady gets 4 write-in votes in N.H. primaries

Tom Brady spoke after the Patriots’ loss in the AFC title game in Denver on Jan. 24.)Doug Pensinger/Getty Images/File

Tom Brady, football player extraordinaire, may have a future in politics after all.

The Patriots quarterback isn’t running for anything but still managed for garner four write-in votes in the recent New Hampshire primary. His appeal transcends partisanship: two were from Republican voters and two from Democrats, according to the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office, which posted official results online on the Republican side and the Democratic side.

Could Brady be a political unifier when his playing days are completed? He’s said he has no interest in office.. But the notion would captivate voters in New England, and Brady has the chance to beat his New Hampshire results when Massachusetts holds its primary March 1.


Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, meanwhile, did better than Brady in New Hampshire. Romney, also a former Massachusetts governor, has connections in the state, and won the GOP primary in 2012. He received 23 write-in votes from Republican voters this year, and three from Democrats.

Michael Bloomberg received 24 GOP write-in votes and 26 from the Democratic side. The billionaire former mayor of New York City has said he’s considering an independent run and will make a decision in March.

Vice President Joe Biden received 36 Democratic write-in votes and four GOP votes. He considered a presidential run before deciding in October not to go through with it.

Another notable write-in: Former Republican governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson. The 2012 Libertarian Party presidential nominee reeled in 33 Republican votes and nine Democratic votes.

Meanwhile, a number of Republican voters wrote in Democratic names and vice versa. Among Republicans, the Democrat who came out on top was Bernie Sanders with 2,095 votes, followed by Hillary Clinton with 540. It’s a winning percentage for Sanders that was far wider than in the overall vote.


Among the Democrats, the top Republican vote-getter was Donald Trump with 1,795 votes, more than all the other GOP candidates combined.

And lots of names received one or two votes among both Republican and Democratic voters in New Hampshire, showing that democracy is alive and well in that state.