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The GOP debate, as explained with gifs

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Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz during Thursday’s debate.Pool

Thursday's Republican presidential debate featured perhaps the most raucous verbal fisticuffs the American public has seen so far this year — and the Twittersphere took notice.

During the debate, senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz relentlessly tore into Donald Trump — who has won three of the first four Republican nominating contests — on jobs, immigration, past donations to Democrats, even his Trump-branded ties.

So it's no surprise that social media users saw the debate for what it was: a messy, bickering-filled brawl, with the majority of candidates ganging up on Trump.

Add in some prime head-scratching quotes (fruit salad, anyone?), and the perfect storm for a gif takeover of Twitter was created.


Some noticed Rubio's renewed energy in attacking the billionaire businessman:

And many also noticed the blows Trump took from his Republican rivals:

And also, the general squabbling that was taking place on the debate stage:

And the lack of respect given to the moderators during said squabbling:

Plus, that seemingly out-of-place quote from Ben Carson on fruit salad: