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Manchester newspaper regrets Chris Christie endorsement

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (right) expessed his support for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump at an airport rally in Millington, Tenn. Karen Pulfer/Reuters/REUTERS

The New Hampshire Union Leader is expressing regret over its endorsement of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in the state’s primary, saying it was a “bad choice.”

An editorial from publisher Joseph W. McQuaid made the statements on the eve of Super Tuesday voting. The Union Leader had originally endorsed Christie just after Thanksgiving last year, saying “he is the one candidate who has the range and type of experience the nation desperately needs.”

But primary voters in New Hampshire didn’t agree, as the paper pointed out in its mea-culpa, and “watching Christie kiss the Donald’s ring this weekend . . . demonstrated how wrong we were.”


Christie appeared at a Texas event with Donald Trump last week and pledged his support for the billionaire and one-time opponent.

“Rather than standing up to the bully, Christie bent his knee,” the editorial reads. “In doing so, he rejected the very principles of his campaign that attracted our support.”

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