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‘I wasn’t being held hostage,’ Christie says of Trump speech

Chris Christie, speaking in New Jersey, appeared unphased by the Internet reaction he faced for his facial expressions during Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday speech.

“I wasn’t being held hostage,” Christie said Thursday. “No, I wasn’t sitting up there thinking, ‘Oh my God, what have I done?’ I was. . . supporting the person who I believe is the best person to beat Hillary Clinton or the remaining Republican candidates.”

On Tuesday, after introducing Trump, Christie stood behind Trump as the billionaire real estate tycoon spoke, wearing a facial expression that seemed to imply the New Jersey governor was less than thrilled with the situation.


“I understand everybody had a lot of fun with it,” Christie acknowledged. “It doesn’t matter to me. I’ve had a lot of fun on the Internet with people at times too.”

He went on to add: “I want everybody to know, for those who were concerned, I wasn’t being held hostage, I wasn’t upset, I wasn’t angry, I wasn’t despondent, I wasn’t anything other than happy that we had done as well as we had done that night, and listening to someone give a press conference in front of the national press corps. I don’t think that’s the appropriate time for smiling, cheering and clapping. So that’s all that was.”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie answered a question during a news conference on Thursday.Mel Evans/AP