Can Donald Trump actually defeat Hillary Clinton?

AP (left) and Getty Images (right)

Donald Trump sounded a motif last night that he’s been hitting increasingly as he looks toward the general election: he’s the best candidate to defeat Hillary Clinton.

But can he really? According to many major polls, the answer is a resounding no, at least not right now.

Dating to September 2015, most polls show the Democratic front-runner at least several percentage points ahead of the real estate mogul, according to data collected by Real Clear Politics.


Of the roughly 50 polls featured on its website, Trump holds a lead over Clinton in only five of the surveys, and ties with Clinton in two.

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And, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Wednesday shows that Trump would lose to the former secretary of state by double digits — 38 percent to Clinton’s 51 percent.

However, both candidates still seem to be concentrating on the primary slog as rivals in their respective fields have held out hope of their party’s nomination.

Trump also doesn’t fare well against Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s competitor for the Democratic nomination. Several recent polls show him losing a head-to-head against the Vermont senator by between 6 and 18 percentage points.