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Is Charlie Baker leaning toward supporting John Kasich?

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker. Keith Bedford/Globe Staff/Globe Staff

Governor Charlie Baker often gets a mildly sour look on his face when journalists ask the Massachusetts Republican about the GOP presidential race.

So it was Wednesday — the day after US Senator Marco Rubio dropped his White House bid, leaving three GOP candidates in the mix — when a reporter queried Baker about the remaining contenders. Given that Rubio has left the race, is Governor John Kasich of Ohio somebody Baker could get behind?

Sour face.

“I’ve said before that I’m not a big fan of Donald Trump’s and that I had concerns about [US Senator Ted] Cruz’s ability to work with others,” Baker said, headed toward his next appointment at the State House. “And, as I said before, I think governors, as a general rule, have had a lot of the experience that’s appropriate for somebody who is seeking the presidency.”


So by process of elimination ...

Asked whether the governor had effectively made an endorsement of Kasich, seen as the most moderate of the remaining GOP hopefuls, Baker spokesman Billy Pitman replied, “He did not say anything new or make an endorsement.” Pitman added that Baker is focused on his day job and not planning to endorse a GOP presidential candidate again.

Baker endorsed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in February, not long before Christie dropped out of the race. Which was not long before Christie endorsed Trump, who Baker has said he won’t vote for in November.

All that seems reason enough for Baker to look like he had just gargled lemon juice when the topic of the future White House resident is broached.

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