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Rosario Dawson tells Hillary Clinton: ‘Shame on you’

At a campaign event for Bernie Sanders in the Bronx on Thursday, actress Rosario Dawson offered strong words to Hillary Clinton for using Donald Trump’s recent remarks on abortion to knock Sanders.

“Shame on you, Hillary,” Dawson said, eliciting cheers and response from the crowd.

After a beat, Dawson added: “Sorry, hold on, let me watch my tone, because we very, very much want a debate.”

Dawson’s remarks came after Clinton used Trump’s remarks about punishing women who have abortions if the procedure were outlawed to attack Sanders.

Clinton suggested that Sanders’ response to Trump’s abortion remark was not forceful enough.


“Last night, Senator Sanders agreed that Donald Trump’s comments were shameful, but then he said they were a distraction from and I quote, ‘a serious discussion about the serious issues facing America,’ ” Clinton said during a rally Thursday in New York. “To me, this is a serious issue and it is a very serious discussion.”

According to the Washington Post, Sanders in an interview with Rachel Maddow had criticized Trump’s statement as “crazy” and “absurd,” and said that the Republican Party has “nothing of substance” to say to the American people. But he also criticized the media for dwelling on Trump’s “stupid remarks.”

“Because media is what media is today, any stupid or absurd remark made by Donald Trump becomes the story of the week,” Sanders said, according to the Post. “Maybe, just maybe, we might want to have a serious discussion about the serious issues facing America. Donald Trump will not look quite so interesting in that context.”

In her introduction of Sanders at the rally Thursday night, Dawson seemed to take offense to Clinton’s comments.

“Regardless of the fact that he’s always stood up for women’s rights, equal pay, equality, and is pro-choice — which the other Democratic candidate very well knows — there’s this rumor that because he’s saying we’re giving Trump too much time on the airwaves, and we need to stop feeding into that hate, and talking about the issues, that somehow that meant he doesn’t care about women’s issues.


“Shame on you, Hillary.”

After he took the stage, Sanders told hundreds of supporters that if he wins New York’s primary, he will win the White House.

He said voter turnout in the April 19 primary could affect the trajectory of his campaign. (The Empire State has 247 delegates up for grabs, the second-largest haul in the primary season).

Sanders also drew on his experience growing up in nearby Brooklyn during the rally.

In addition to Dawson, Sanders was joined at the Bronx rally by director Spike Lee and singer Residente.

Material from the Associated Press and Bloomberg News was included in this report.