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Trump calls The Boston Globe ‘stupid,’ ‘worthless’ after scathing editorial

Donald Trump slammed The Boston Globe on Sunday in response to a scathing editorial in Sunday’s Globe accompanied by a satirical front page envisioning an America under a Trump presidency.

The Republican presidential candidate called the Globe “worthless” and “stupid” during a rally Sunday in Rochester, N.Y.

“How about that stupid Boston Globe, it’s worthless, sold for a dollar,” he said. “Did you see that story? The whole front page — they made up a story, they pretended Trump is the president, and they made up the whole front page, it’s a make-believe story, which is really no different from the whole paper — I mean, the whole thing is made up. And I think they’re having a big backlash on that one.”


In response to Trump’s comments, the Globe’s Opinion staff defended their editorial. “We delivered copies of the editorial to his campaign because we wanted to make sure he saw what we wrote,” said Kathleen Kingsbury, deputy managing editor of the editorial page. “He [Trump] responded with more empty rhetoric and few details.”

Trump also slammed The New York Times, the previous owner of the Boston Globe, and The Washington Post during his hour-long stump speech.

The satirical front page, which was published online Saturday and ran in Sunday’s Opinion section of the print edition, features stories that envision Trump’s policies being put into place on April 9, 2017. They include news about mass deportations, trade wars with China and Mexico, US soldiers refusing to kill ISIS families, and the expansion of the nation’s libel law.

The editorial and satirical front page were produced by the Globe’s Opinion staff, which is a separate operation from the newsroom. The mock front page ran on the front of the Opinion section in Sunday’s paper, not on the front page of the Globe.