Donald Trump would be a nominee unlike anyone else, ever

Donald Trump.
Donald Trump.Getty Images

There has never been a presumptive nominee for a major party quite like Donald J. Trump. Not only is he a newcomer to political campaigning, but he would shatter the mold of party standard-bearer. Trump, who now appears all but certain to clinch his party’s presidential nomination, would be the first in a range of colorful categories.

Multiple Marriages

In a Republican Party with a growing evangelical base that has become an influential voice, Trump is the first nominee to have been divorced twice. He divorced his first wife, Ivana, a Czech-American model, in 1990, and his second wife, Marla, an actress, in 1999. He married his current wife, Melania, in 2005.


A Reality TV Star

Trump hosted 14 seasons of “The Apprentice” on NBC, drawing millions of viewers and adding to his personal fortune. He claimed on a personal financial disclosure form that he had earned more than $213 million over the course of the show, but NBC never confirmed that claim. But the show gave Trump something money cannot buy: his signature catchphrase, “You’re fired.”

WWE Hall of Famer

The candidate has his own “superstar” bio on the World Wrestling Entertainment website, which refers to him as a “captivating billionaire,” a “pop culture icon” and an “outspoken alpha male.” He has clobbered Vince McMahon with a clothesline move and then forcefully shaved his opponent’s head in the ring. He has been on the receiving end of a neck-wrenching move by Stone Cold Steve Austin, and his relationship with the organization goes back to Andre the Giant. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

A Supporting Role in a Bo Derek Movie

In 1989, Trump played himself in “Ghosts Can’t Do It,” a widely panned movie summed up as an “American romantic crime fantasy comedy film.” The plot involves the main character dying and becoming a ghost, and his wife trying to drown a young man so the dead husband can inhabit an earthly body and engage in carnal pleasures again, and so they can complete a business deal with Trump (or something like that). The film was a success at the Razzie Awards, winning worst picture, worst actress, worst director and worst supporting actor, Trump.


A Casino Magnate

Presidential candidates tend to come from the upper crust of American society, often from the financial sector, the law or politics. Trump’s wealth came from numerous endeavors, but never has a casino owner with towering properties in Las Vegas, and previously Atlantic City, gained a major party’s nomination.

His Own Line of Steaks, Hand Towels and Chocolates, Plus an Airline

Trump has put his name in big gold letters on commercial goods as varied as rib-eyes and chocolates, something he reminded voters of during a speech in March. He also served Trump wines and water.

Inspired a Character in ‘Back to the Future II’

Before he left the race, Sen. Ted Cruz shared a parting thought: “If anyone has seen the movie ‘Back to the Future, Part II,’ the screenwriter says that he based the character Biff Tannen on Donald Trump — a caricature of a braggadocious, arrogant buffoon who builds giant casinos with giant pictures of him wherever he looks.” (Trump indeed served as inspiration for the character.)

Inspired a Character on ‘Sesame Street’

A grouch with a flamboyant hairstyle and the catchphrase “I have more trash than all of you,” Donald Grump arrived on “Sesame Street” in 2005 looking for an apprentice, or as he put it in a thicker New York accent than Trump’s, a “helpah.” He continually needles and belittles those seeking to be his “helpah,” showering them with “nyahs,” and brags about his wealth. Nonetheless, the other characters are entranced by Grump. As Oscar the Grouch glows, “His name is on every piece of trash in town.”