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John Oliver asks: How did Paul LePage get elected?

Maine Governor Paul LePage. Robert F. Bukaty/Associated press/file

Maine Governor Paul LePage was the target of a skewering from HBO’s John Oliver on “Last Week Tonight” Sunday as part of a segment called “People Who Somehow Got Elected.”

In the pre-produced segment, the show ridiculed a number of LePage’s more controversial quips, recounting his comments about immigrant workers, drug dealers, and asylum-seekers.

The segment also described several groups and individuals LePage has apologized to during his time in office, a list that included Jewish leaders, loggers, Maine women, and the son of a political cartoonist.

It’s not the first time LePage has been the subject of political satire, earlier this month he was featured on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update after he named his new dog “Veto.”


Watch the segment (warning: graphic language):