Raise some money for the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, write a glowing endorsement of its chairman, and you’re apparently all set with the nonprofit.

MassFiscal, which swears it is nonpartisan, recently sent an email to supporters tweaking some state legislators for trying to get funding for local projects. “Exactly how much does a legislator grab for when s/he reaches into the cookie jar?’’ asked Paul Craney, MassFiscal’s executive director.

Craney went on to list a $25,000 project by one Democrat, a $9,000 one by another — and even two $150,000 grants by two other Democratic trying to bring home some bacon.

No mention of state Senator Ryan C. Fattman — a Republican — who got $494,000 added to the Senate budget for projects in his district.


Fattman, a 31-year old Sutton Republican and a Tea Party favorite who served a term in the House, gets a 100 percent rating from MassFiscal. He has raised funds for the group and once wrote a glowing endorsement of its chairman, Rick Green, in his race for state Republican Party chair.

Fattman attempted to bring more than $1 million into his district, all told. His requests included $40,000 to provide police security at Wallum Lake in Douglas, $375,000 to rebuild facilities at a local swimming beach, and $100,000 to revitalize downtown Webster.

Overall, the six Republican senators asked for $22.8 million and got $3.1 million in the Senate budget.

What did MassFiscal think about the GOP senators’ efforts? Asked for comment, not a peep.

How does Fattman, who has promoted his political profile as a budget-cutting, anti-government, Beacon Hill outsider, explain it? No comment from him or his aides.

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