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Warren-Clinton meeting adds to speculation about VP pick

Senator Elizabeth Warren emerged after a private one-on-one meeting Friday with presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.J. Scott Applewhite/AP

WASHINGTON -- Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton sat down with Elizabeth Warren Friday morning in Washington, a meeting coming just hours after Warren endorsed Clinton.

Little was revealed about the content of their conversation. A source familiar with the meeting said Clinton and Warren discussed how they can work together during the campaign and push a progressive agenda aimed at stopping presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. And Clinton also thanked Warren for her endorsement, according to a Clinton campaign official.

The two women have never been seen as particularly close, and the face to face discussion is an indicator that Clinton is serious about putting Warren on a vice presidential short list. It’s also a nod to supporters of rival Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, many who wanted Warren to run for president.


Warren and Clinton have spoken from time to time throughout the campaign, and Warren also is close with Gary Gensler, the chief financial officer of Clinton’s campaign.

After sitting on the sidelines for months, Warren endorsed Clinton on Thursday evening, telling the Globe “I’m ready.”

She said that she sees Clinton as a “fighter.”

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