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Baker fundraiser talks to Trump, Weld

Charlie Baker.Bill Sikes/Associated Press/Associated Press

Matt LeBretton can take a lot pride in heading up Governor Charlie Baker’s prodigious fundraising operation, but now he is looking to take his talents national. And he is flirting with a presidential candidate that Baker has soundly rejected.

Last week, LeBretton had a brief private meeting with Donald Trump when the presumptive GOP presidential candidate blew through town to raise campaign funds.

Nothing was concluded, but just the fact that he was talking to Trump is interesting, considering the deep distaste Baker has for his party’s presidential candidate. He steadfastly refuses to get behind Trump and is boycotting the GOP national convention.


But LeBretton says he doesn’t take his political orders from governor.

“Charlie is not my boss,’’ LeBretton explained. “ I would not ask his permission, just like he did not ask my permission when he endorsed Chris Christie.”

LeBretton, who calls himself a fiscal conservative and social liberal, says his meeting with Trump was as much curiosity as it was to talk about a role in the presidential campaign. Trump was pulled away to get to his event before any decisions were made.

“Regardless of what happens in November, he is certainly a cultural icon,’’ he said. “I wasn’t going to pass it up.” He carefully added that he finds some of Trumps disparaging comments about “people of color and women” to be troublesome

He later that day talked to former governor Bill Weld, now the Libertarian Party vice- presidential candidate, about raising money for that ticket. Weld is Baker’s mentor and political guru.

“I’m not going to be rushed into a decision,’’ LeBretton said.

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