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Elizabeth Warren will put ‘every ounce of energy’ toward Clinton effort

US Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke Saturday at a conference in Orlando, Fla. “I’m committed to getting Hillary Clinton elected president of the United States,” Warren said Sunday.Stephen M. Dowell/Orlando Sentinel/AP

PHILADELPHIA — US Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts said she plans to “put every ounce of her energy” into electing Hillary Clinton and reclaiming the majority in the US Senate in November’s election.

“I’m committed to getting Hillary Clinton elected president of the United States,” Warren said in a brief interview late Sunday evening. “I believe that Democrats are fired up to win the White House and take back the Senate.”

Warren, in her first interview since being passed over for the vice presidential slot, spoke during a break from practicing her convention speech, which she is set to deliver Monday evening.


She declined to say whether she thinks US Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, a centrist, could excite the left wing of the party.

“I’ve gotten to know Tim Kaine,” Warren said. “He’s an honest guy and a smart guy.”

Warren said she’s impressed with Kaine’s work as an attorney to combat housing discrimination. “He has a good heart,” Warren said.

Warren, a liberal firebrand, said that she plans to use her address to channel the same populist energy that’s propelled Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“That’s a big part of what I’m going to talk about,” Warren said. “About what’s gone wrong. About how Donald Trump has tapped into that anger, and how he turns it into an ugly and hateful future.”

Also speaking Monday will be US Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who mounted an unexpectedly competitive challenge to Clinton from the left.

Warren considered running for president herself, but said that she doesn’t regret the decision to remain in the Senate.

“I love being a senator from Massachusetts,” she said. “This job suits me.”

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