Trump adviser blasts Khizr Khan, says he used son as ‘political pawn’

Donald Trump adviser Al Baldasaro, who last month called for Hillary Clinton to be “shot for treason,” joined the Republican nominee in sharply criticizing Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim-American soldier who was killed in combat in 2004.

Baldasaro, a New Hampshire state representative and himself a veteran, told NH1 in an interview released Tuesday that Khan used his son as a political pawn.

“Donald Trump has every right to challenge Mr. Khan because his personal agenda overruled his son being a warrior, and it’s a shame that he did that.”

When asked what he would say directly to Khan, Baldasaro reiterated his belief that the father had used his son’s death for political purposes.


“I’d say, Mr. Khan, you disgraced your son who died as a hero. You used him as a political pawn to go after a candidate whom you’ve never met.”

Khan first came to national attention and when he spoke Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention about his son, Army Captain Humayun S. M. Khan, who died in the Iraq war. Controversy erupted when Donald Trump remarked about Khan’s speech as well as his wife, Ghazala Khan, who stood silently by her husband’s side during the speech.

The Khans earlier this week pushed back against Trump’s comments over the weekend, and a growing chorus of bipartisan voices has emerged criticizing the Republican nominee for his attacks.

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