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What’s in Donald Trump’s economic plan

Donald Trump spoke to the Detroit Economic Club Monday.Eric Thayer/REUTERS

Donald Trump relaunched his plan Monday in a policy speech in Detroit, unveiling proposals and stances he believes will revitalize the US economy.

The campaign also released a transcript of Trump’s speech.

The policy speech rests on four pillars, according to the campaign: tax reform, trade reform, regulatory reform, and energy reform.

Below are some of the major points from his economic plan, according to the campaign website:

• Exempt child care expenses from taxation

• Label China as a currency manipulator

• Renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement or walk away from the accord


• Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership

• Cancel the Paris climate agreement

• An executive order to impose a moratorium on new agency regulations

• Rescind President Obama’s executive actions that are “job-destroying”

Read Trump’s plan as released by the campaign here.