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Add one more loss to Scott Brown’s list: his bike

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Scott Brown in his gear.
Scott Brown in his gear.

Add one more loss to Scott Brown's list — his bike.

Former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown tweeted Wednesday afternoon that he arrived in Omaha safely, ready to compete in a triathlon.

One small hitch: Southwest Airlines lost his bicycle — a key part of the race, which combines running, swimming, and cycling.

"Made it to Omaha for my triathlon, but @SouthwestAir lost my bike," Brown, who has almost 72,000 followers, tweeted at 2:30 p.m. "Unreal. No clue where it is. Hopefully will get soon. Ugh."

Two hours later, an airline representative tweeted back: "Hi Scott, we apologize for the delay on your bike. We'll have you reunited with it as soon as possible."


It seems the airline made good on its promise, albeit with one slight catch.

"Got my bike. Finally," Brown tweeted at 6:30 p.m. "Was worth the wait. Got a flying voucher for the trouble. Now I have to figure out how to put it back together. Ugh."

Southwest Airlines notes on its website that bicycle handlebars and pedals should be removed before the bike is shipped.

Thankfully, Brown has a couple of days for that task: he posted that he will be racing in the USA Triathlon Age Group 2016 National Championships, which appears to take place Aug. 13.

Dan Landson, a Southwest spokesperson, told the Globe Thursday that the airline was "able to get his bike to him shortly after, and was provided a $100 travel voucher as a show of good will."

Brown is well known for touting his exercising escapades. In 2015, he made waves after posting a before-and-after photo of his physique after losing 42 pounds (as well as a sales pitch for AdvoCare, a commercial nutrition and fitness plan).