A look at the schedule of ballot question debates

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Voters will decide on four ballot questions this November.
Voters will decide on four ballot questions this November.(Matthew Cavanaugh)

The Boston Globe is co-sponsoring four weekly debates on the ballot questions before voters this November. Each week, WBUR host Meghna Chakrabarti will be joined by a co-moderator from The Boston Globe. The debates will be held at UMass Boston's McCormack Theatre. Those wishing to attend can RSVP here.

The debate schedule:

• Tuesday, September 13 – Question 2: This measure would raise the cap on charter schools

• Tuesday, September 20 – Question 3: This measure would regulate the treatment of farm animals

• Tuesday, September 27 – Question 1: This measure would allow for an additional slots gambling parlor


• Tuesday, October 4 – Question 4: This measure would legalize the recreational use of marijuana