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Trump accuses Clinton of being secretly given debate questions

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Top moments from the presidential debate
Top moments from the presidential debate

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump added one more accusation against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton: "inappropriately" getting the debate questions.

Trump's tweet with the latest allegation comes the day after the final presidential debate in which he refused to commit to the outcome of the Nov. 8 election.

Less than two hours after sending the tweet, the real estate mogul told a rally in Ohio that he would accept the results of the election — if he wins.

"I would like to promise and pledge . . . that I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if I win."


Trump later said in the rally that he would accept a clear result but reserves the right to contest a questionable outcome.

Trump's comments about the election results during the debate were blasted by politicians on both sides of the aisle, including Governor Charlie Baker and Libertarian vice presidential candidate Bill Weld, a former governor of Massachusetts. Weld called the debate remarks "the death knell for [Trump's] candidacy."

Senator John McCain of Arizona, a top Republican who withdrew his support of Trump earlier this month, said he conceded defeat "without reluctance" in 2008 when then-Senator Barack Obama won the presidential election. McCain said the loser has always congratulated the winner, calling the person "my president."

"That's not just the Republican way or the Democratic way. It's the American way. This election must not be any different," McCain said in a statement.

Trump and his supporters have been making unsubstantiated claims that the election is rigged, putting officials on the defense weeks before most voters head to the polls. Civil rights activists have called some of the accusations a thinly veiled racist attack.

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