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Trump, Clinton had a civil exchange during Al Smith dinner. Really.

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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (from left), Cardinal Timothy Dolan, and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump attended the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation dinner in New York Thursday night.REUTERS

New York's Cardinal Timothy Dolan says there were ''touching moments'' between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at a charity dinner that was otherwise marked by barbed remarks by the presidential candidates.

Dolan told NBC's ''Today show'' Friday that at one point at the dinner, Trump leaned in and told Clinton: ''You are one tough and talented woman.''

According to Dolan, Clinton responded by saying: ''Whatever happens, we need to work together afterward.''

Both candidates attended the annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner on Thursday. That is a white-tie gala in New York that is often the last time the two presidential nominees share a stage before Election Day.


At the dinner, Dolan called his seat between Trump and Clinton the ''iciest place on earth.''