Curt Schilling asks Jake Tapper why Jewish people support Democrats

By Christina Prignano Globe staff 

Former Red Sox pitcher and potential 2018 Senate candidate Curt Schilling asked Jake Tapper in a CNN appearance Friday how people of Jewish faith could support Democrats.

“As a person who’s practicing the Jewish faith and has been since you were young, I don’t understand, and maybe this is the amateur, nonpolitician in me, but I don’t understand how people of Jewish faith can back the Democratic Party, which over the last 50 years has been so clearly anti-Israel,” Schilling said.


“Well I don’t speak for Jews, and I don’t support the Democratic Party or the Republican Party,” Tapper replied.

The former pitcher said he understood Tapper didn’t speak for all Jews, but “I just always find it a great conversation for somebody of your faith because I want to understand the reasons behind some of those things.”

The conversation between Tapper and Schilling also touched on Schilling’s habit of posting controversial comments online. Asked by the CNN host about a post that compared Muslims to the Nazis, Schilling said it wasn’t racist because the post was only referring to Islamic extremists.

“There is a very longstanding connection between Islam and the Nazi Party, and you can go back to before the second World War,” he added.

Schilling has repeatedly made controversial statements that have gotten him into trouble and even fired. In April, he was let go by ESPN after reposting a Facebook meme that mocked transgender people.


He appeared on Tapper’s CNN show Friday to discuss his potential run againt Senator Elizabeth Warren. He said if he does decide to run, it will be a “family decision.”

“That discussion hasn’t been finalized yet,” he said, explaining that he wasn’t sure he wanted to expose his family to the current political climate.

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