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Today wasn’t the first time marijuana’s made the Globe’s front pages

The news that Massachusetts voters have legalized marijuana for recreational use was trumpeted on the front page of The Boston Globe on Wednesday. But it wasn’t the first time the region’s largest newspaper had reported on the widely-used drug. Here’s a look back.

1951: “One-Way Ticket to Crime, Insanity, Destitution, Death”

1969: “Hub Firm Develops ‘Pot’ for Warfare”

1970: “U.S. Study Says Marijuana Needn’t Lead to Heroin”

1971: “Are Marijuana Laws Anti-Youth?”

1972: “US report says marijuana use still increasing”

May 1976: “House for 3d time rejects lighter marijuana penalty”

Nov. 1976: “Report shows marijuana use up among high school seniors”

2012: “Medical marijuana OK’d; Mass. is 18th state to say yes”

Today: “Voters approve marijuana use ... Legalization Begins Next Month”