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Elizabeth Warren says she has spoken to Hillary Clinton

Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton hugged at a recent event in New Hampshire.Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff/Globe staff

US Senator Elizabeth Warren said she has spoken to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton since the election.

The senator from Massachusetts divulged the detail during an interview Thursday night with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who noted on Twitter that she rushed up to Boston on Thursday for the sit-down with Warren.

When asked by Maddow how Clinton was doing, Warren paused before hesitantly stating, “Good.”

“Look, it’s hard. It’s really hard,” Warren said. “She worked hard. She has had 25 years of public service. . . She has fought for women, for children, for health insurance, for human rights. That has been a defining feature of her life. And this is hard. I respect what she has done and tried to do for this country and for people around the world.”


(Warren apparently isn’t the only one who has been in touch with Clinton — a mom in New York posted a photo to Facebook after she had a run-in while hiking with the Democratic nominee in Chappaqua.)

When playfully asked by Maddow who Warren would choose as a running mate for 2020, Warren laughed and deflected.

“That is a long way off,” Warren said. “We don’t have energy to waste on that.”

(Later, Maddow joked that the way Warren joked about the run means her response was a “yes with an exclamation point.”)

Maddow also asked Warren if she’s eyeing the Democratic National Committee’s chairmanship.

Warren responded that she’s “into this fight,” but “I don’t need a title.”

Earlier on Thursday, Warren delivered a speech to the AFL-CIO in which she pledged to work with President-elect Donald Trump to build an economy that works for everyone while vowing to fight him if the vitriol of his candidacy takes root in his presidency. She reiterated those points again on MSNBC Thursday night.