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Alec Baldwin does his best Donald Trump in Boston

It was Friday morning, not Saturday night, but Alec Baldwin was channeling Donald Trump.

At a marketing conference in Boston Friday, Baldwin offered his thoughts on how Trump might lead the country before launching into his now-famous impersonation of the president-elect:

“I think that Trump is going to be someone who is not going to be that involved, he’s going to be going into rooms with trusted advisers and they’re going to say, ‘We did this, this, this, and this,’ and he’s going to say, ‘Sounds good, that sounds good. I like it. I like it a lot. That’s a great, great, fantastic, really top-shelf super gold-plated, platinum, frequent-flyer situation you’ve got going on,’” Baldwin said to cheers and applause.


Baldwin, who has long been an outspoken liberal, continued:

“And you know, it’s going to be like, you know other people are going to take over. In a sense, Trump, it’s like a Trojan horse. People vote for him and invest all their faith in him like Americans do, on both sides. And then he comes in, and a whole other bunch of people come in and they take over.”

Baldwin’s Trump, which he played opposite Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton, has been a hit this season on “Saturday Night Live.” Last week, the pair broke character to urge viewers to come together and vote.

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