Trump could revisit Russia sanctions, top aide says

A top aide to President-elect Donald Trump indicated Monday that he could revisit hacking-related sanctions imposed on Russia by President Obama.

After calling the sanctions on Russia a “disproportionate response,” former campaign manager and incoming White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said she thought that he would assess the situation after he’s inaugurated.

“There does seem to be a disproportionate response,” Conway said. “I predict that President Trump will want to make sure our actions are proportionate to what’s occurred based on what we know,” Conway said.

Obama ejected 35 suspected Russian intelligence operatives and imposed sanctions on Russian intelligence agencies in late December.


“All Americans should be alarmed by Russia’s actions,” Obama said at the time.

Conway also suggested in the interview with USA Today that President Obama took action to retaliate against Russian hacking before he had all the facts.

“Here the punishment seemed to precede the full report,” she said, referring to the report by US intelligence officials that alleged Putin ordered an “influence campaign” against the US election.

Conway spoke to USA Today’s Susan Page in an interview Monday that was streamed live on Facebook.