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CNN’s Jim Acosta goes toe-to-toe with Donald Trump

Donald Trump to CNN reporter: “You are fake news.”
Donald Trump to CNN reporter: "You are fake news."

As President-elect Donald Trump blasted CNN over its report about unsubstantiated allegations that Russia has compromising information about him, one of the network’s reporters had had enough.

Jim Acosta called out from the audience of Wednesday’s news conference, President-elect Trump’s first in more than 160 days, that CNN should be allowed to ask a question “since you are attacking our news organization.”

Acosta continued to press Trump for a question as the Republican pointed to another reporter.

“You are fake news,” Trump told Acosta.

News reports emerged late Tuesday that intelligence officials had briefed both Trump and President Barack Obama on unverified claims that Moscow had personal and business information about the real estate mogul.


Acosta later tweeted that another reporter asked his question about whether anyone on Trump’s team had contact with the Russians. Trump said no.

By Wednesday evening, Acosta and Sean Spicer, Trump’s press secretary, were in a Twitter spat.

Trump’s exchange with Acosta during the news conference was evocative of the real estate mogul’s contentious relationship with the press during the campaign. He has criticized CNN in particular over its coverage of him.

He said Wednesday that his campaign stopped having press conferences because of “inaccurate news.”

Trump’s last news conference was in July, where he suggested that Russia could help publish the e-mails of Hillary Clinton, his Democratic rival in the 2016 presidential election.

Kenneth Singletary of the Globe staff contributed to this report. Nicole Hernandez can be reached at nicole.hernandez@globe.com. Follow her on Twitter @NRHSJax.