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Read Elizabeth Warren’s full statements to the Globe

Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke during a hearing last month.Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press/File

Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke to The Boston Globe shortly after she was ruled in violation of Senate rules late Tuesday night following her quoting from a decades-old letter written by Martin Luther King Jr.’s widow.

The following are her statements to the Globe:

“I’ve been red carded; I’ve been thrown out of the game,” Warren said in a phone interview with the Globe, stepping off briefly from the Senate floor where she continued to sit although she was no longer allowed to speak.

She said she did not expected to get censured for her speech.

“I thought what Senator Kennedy said back then would be fair game,” she said of her reading of Kennedy’s 1986 statement. “At that time it got both Republican and Democratic votes against Jeff Sessions.


“And I read Coretta Scott King’s letter that described what Jeff Sessions had done as US attorney and the impact it had had on voting rights for people in Alabama,” Warren continued. “I thought that letter was moving and entirely appropriate to be read on the floor of the United States Senate.”

Warren said she was warned that she was “out of line... then I was gaveled down and forced to shut up when I read Coretta Scott King’s letter. No, I did not go into tonight expecting that.”

Warren said she had “no idea” why McConnell chose to shut her down “except to make clear that the Republicans do not want the public talking about Jeff Sessions’s record. That’s the only possible reason. Just shut up and don’t talk about him,” she said.

Warren said she hopes that everyone will read the letter she was cut off from reading. “It’s a powerful letter and it describes a moment in our history that is important to every one of us today.”


She then excused herself so she could return to the Senate floor. “I’m staying out there while this is still going on,” even though she can’t speak, Warren said.