Was Mark Cuban trolling Trump?

Was “Shark Tank” star, billionaire businessman, and perennial Trump antagonist Mark Cuban trolling the president Friday night?

Nearly a week after President Donald Trump tweeted that Cuban was “not smart enough to run for president,” the Dallas Mavericks owner sported a number 46 jersey during the NBA’s All-Star Celebrity Game.

According to ESPN, Cuban said he chose the jersey because his favorite number, 23, was already taken, and that “23 times 2 is 46,” but no one on the opposite team wore the number 23 during the game.

Later, Cuban said his number choice was “to tweak the s--- out of everybody.”

Notably, Trump is the 45th president.

Cuban was a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter during the 2016 election, even going on the stump for the Democratic candidate. In November 2016, just before the election, Cuban told an NBC Sports radio show that he’d “rather lose every penny than have Trump as president.”

In May 2016, Cuban told NBC’s Chuck Todd that he’s open to running for the Oval Office in the future.

“You don’t have to be the perfect Stepford candidate like you would’ve been in the past,” Cuban said during the interview on “Meet the Press.”

Aimee Ortiz can be reached at aimee.ortiz@globe.com. Follow her on twitter @aimee_ortiz.

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