Seth Moulton tops Mass. House colleagues in raising cash

Congressman Seth Moulton.

Seth Moulton, a politically ascendant Salem Democrat, has raised more money for his campaign so far this year than any other US representative from Massachusetts.

A frequent and fiery critic of President Trump, Moulton reporting raising $476,000 in campaign funds over the first three months of this year. His haul was followed closely by that of US Representative Richard Neal, dean of the state’s congressional delegation, who brought in $440,000.

Federal elected officials and candidates were required this weekend to submit their fund-raising reports for the first quarter. Neal and Moulton ranked among the top fund-raisers in the state.

Neal, ranking member of the powerful Ways and Means Committee, has the largest campaign war chest of any US representative in the state. The Springfield Democrat has more than $3 million in the bank and no significant competition on the horizon for his 2018 reelection race.


Some Democrats have talked about Moulton, in his second term in the House, as a potential challenger to Governor Charlie Baker, a Republican.

“No one has done more to raise their profile locally in the last year than Seth Moulton,” said Boston-based Democratic consultant Mary Ann Marsh. “By raising his profile he has also raised more money, and that is smart. In politics you always want to have options and by raising more money he is making sure he has more options.”

But in a recent interview, Moulton denied any interest in that 2018 race, challenging US Senator Edward J. Markey in the 2020 primary, or even a run for president.

“I just got elected to Congress two years ago,” Moulton told the Globe last month. “I don’t think that running for president is the right thought right now.”

Representative Joe Kennedy III raised $389,000 in the first quarter. The Newton Democrat, also considered one of the state party’s most promising local politicians, reported nearly $2.9 million in his campaign coffers.


US Representative Stephen Lynch, a South Boston Democrat, raised just $23,000 in the first three months of 2017, according to his report. That was just a bit more than for his 2018 primary opponent, video game developer and activist Brianna Wu, who reported raising just under $22,000 so far this year.

Throughout New England, the largest fund-raising haul for the US House came from Bruce Poliquin, a Republican from Maine. He reported raising $629,000 in the first three months of the year, half of which came from political action committees.

Poliquin represents one of the most politically competitive districts in the area. In another frequently contested district, New Hampshire’s First District, US Representative Carol Shea-Porter raised just $75,000.

All of these funds are nothing compared to what US Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is seeking reelection in 2018, brought in so far this year. One of the Democratic Party’s fund-raising juggernauts, Warren announced last week that she had raised $5.2 million.

US Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont raised $221,000 for his 2018 reelection campaign. He reported having $5.3 million left in his presidential campaign account.

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