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Commerce secretary appears to fall asleep during Trump’s speech

Talk about a power nap.

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was caught on camera taking what appeared to be a snooze during President Donald Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia Sunday.

As Trump closed out his speech — yes, at one point even mentioning the importance of commerce — the camera on the White House live stream panned to show aides and officials listening to Trump’s address on the dais. Ross, who was sitting in the same row as Ivanka Trump, could be seen with his eyes closed and head down and wearing what appears to be a headset for translation as Trump spoke.


The president’s address was the centerpiece of his two-day visit to Saudi Arabia, his first overseas trip since his January swearing-in.

During the speech, Trump implored Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries to extinguish ‘‘Islamic extremism’’ in the region, describing a ‘‘battle between good and evil’’ rather than a clash between the West and Islam. He also all but promised he would not publicly admonish Mideast rulers for human rights violations and oppressive reigns.