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Oops: Trump mocked online for misspelling ‘heal’ in a tweet

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Looks like newspapers aren’t the only ones who need copy editors.

In a pivot from what he normally posts, President Donald Trump sent a tweet around 4:35 p.m. commending the peaceful demonstrators in Boston Saturday, saying that sometimes protest is needed to heal.

The only problem is, Trump misspelled the word “heal” in the tweet — not once, but twice — typing “heel” instead.

The spelling error led many to mock Trump online, and he quickly deleted the post, sending out a new tweet with the correct spelling.

Trump’s tweets came after a controversial “free speech” rally on Boston Common Saturday drew tens of thousands of counterprotesters, many of whom marched from Roxbury to the Common. There were some skirmishes throughout the day, but the “Boston Free Speech” rally and the counterprotests that attracted thousands did not attract the same level of violence that was seen a week earlier at a rally in Charlottesville, Va.