Our Revolution drops Somerville mayoral candidate’s endorsement

Payton Corbett’s long-shot ambitions to replace Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone got a bit longer this week.

After the Boston Globe published some of Corbett’s politically incorrect Facebook posts from several years ago, Our Revolution Somerville — the Bernie Sanders-affiliated activist group — pulled its endorsement of the local Teamster official.

“Our Revolution Somerville was deeply troubled when it learned in a Boston Globe article about the sexist and racist comments made by candidate for mayor Payton Corbett on Facebook several years ago (2013, 2009),’’ the group said on its Facebook page.

“We reject these statements wholeheartedly, as they violate our core values as an organization,’’ the group said explaining its decision.


But Corbett, a 34-year beer truck driver, said he is not giving up, noting he has support from other groups. He has argued that his posts — in which he talked about “dumb broads” and disparaged Asians and African-Americans — were youthful indiscretions and do not reflect his current views.

“I think it’s unfortunate that OR Somerville feels that social media comments from many years ago outweigh all the work I have done on behalf of working people,’’ he said. “Like all humans, I’ve made mistakes. The important thing is to own up to those mistakes, apologize, and learn from them, which I have done.”

Preliminary elections in Somerville are Sept. 19, and the municipal elections are Nov. 7.

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