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Here’s how Warren and Sanders reacted to the GOP tax plan

It’s no secret that progressive leaders are against the GOP tax plan. But after House Republicans released their full proposal on Thursday, senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders teamed up to slam the plan in a new video.

The GOP plan would slash the corporate tax rate and lower taxes for most Americans, but it eliminates or limits some prized deductions.

In a video posted to Twitter shortly after, Warren said the bill mostly benefits giant banks, multi-national corporations, and wealthy foreign investors.

“So here we are, at a moment of record corporate profits, and the Republicans think what this economy needs is a bunch of tax giveaways to the very richest,” Warren said in the video.


Sanders then mentioned a Boston Globe article on how many in the Koch network, a vast group of libertarian-leaning nonprofits and advocacy and political organizations, have been pressuring President Trump and Republicans to pass a tax overhaul.

“Here is the crisis of our time,” Sanders said. “Nobody believes that what the Republicans are talking about makes any sense at all. . . . But there is a group of people who think this is a tremendous idea. And those are a handful of billionaire families who in this election cycle will spend many hundreds of millions of dollars to elect the candidates who support this crap.”

Warren said that with the plan, the system is “rigged so the richest, thinnest slice at the top gets more and more, and they kick dirt in everybody else’s face.”

“This is the issue of our time,” Sanders added. “And if we don’t rally the American people to stand up and create an economy that works for all of us. . . this country is going to be in deep, deep trouble.”