Trump mocked Rubio for sipping water. Now the tables have turned

President Trump took a sip of water during a speech Wednesday.
President Trump took a sip of water during a speech Wednesday.SCALZO/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock

After Donald Trump mocked Senator Marco Rubio for taking a gulp of water in the middle of a 2013 televised speech, he opened himself up to the same treatment should he ever experience a need for a refreshment while addressing the nation.

Sure enough, midway though a lengthy recounting of his Asia jaunt on Wednesday, Trump paused his remarks and took a sip from a bottle of Fiji water.

Twitter erupted.

Given that Trump had repeatedly mocked his former campaign rival on a number of different platforms during the 2016 primary, there was plenty to resurface. Immediately, political reporters began reposting a video of Trump tossing water around a stage during a rally last February in Texas.


“It’s Rubio!” Trump exclaims in the video.

There was also the 2013 tweet in which Trump advised Rubio that he would have been better off taking his sip from a glass as opposed to a bottle.

He even reportedly sent the former presidential candidate a “care package” that contained bottles of water labeled “Trump Ice Natural Spring Water.”

It wasn’t long before Rubio himself joined in, gently chiding the president for his “form.”

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