Moulton urges Franken to resign, says Pelosi ‘didn’t respect the women’ who came forward against Conyers

Representative Seth Moulton appeared last month at a press conference in Bedford.
Representative Seth Moulton appeared last month at a press conference in Bedford.Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff/File

US Representative Seth Moulton on Tuesday called on Senator Al Franken to resign and urged House minority leader Nancy Pelosi to step down from her leadership position, saying she “didn’t respect the women” who came forward with allegations against US Representative John Conyers.

On “Meet The Press Daily,” Moulton told reporter Steve Kornacki that he thought Franken, a liberal senator who has been accused of forcible kissing and groping, should resign.

“There will be more of these cases, and we want to make sure that the women feel supported and come forward,” Moulton said.

Many of Franken’s Senate colleagues, including Elizabeth Warren, have criticized him amid the allegations but stopped short of calling on him to resign.


In the Tuesday interview, Moulton also called on Democratic leaders to step aside, specifically railing against Pelosi for her comments about Conyers after his former staff members accused him of sexual assault. Conyers, 88, announced his retirement on Tuesday.

“I think that we all agree that when she came out on the ‘Meet The Press’ interview, she did not say the right things and she didn’t respect the women who have brought forward these allegations,” Moulton said. “[She] claimed we didn’t know who they are, when in fact, we do know who they are. They’ve been remarkably brave in sharing their stories.”

This isn’t the first time Moulton, a two-term Democrat from Salem, has taken on Pelosi after Democrats suffered defeat in the 2016 election. In November, Moulton threw his support behind Representative Tim Ryan in a failed bid to oust Pelosi for the leadership position, saying the Ohio congressman would give the party a better chance to regain the majority. He also criticized House leaders in a BuzzFeed interview on Monday for their handling of allegations against Conyers and US Representative Ruben Kihuen.