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<b>Democrats accuse Charlie Baker of supporting Roy Moore, whom he called ‘unfit’ for office</b>

Governor Charlie Baker
Governor Charlie Baker The Boston Globe

Governor Charlie Baker received heavy flak from some Democrats this week for his state party’s unique fund-raising agreement with the Republican National Committee, which funneled some money to boost US Senate candidate Roy Moore in Alabama.

Baker has made it clear that Moore, plagued with charges of sexual assault against young women, including a 14-year old, was a totally unacceptable candidate and even went so far as to endorse the Democrat, Doug Jones, in this week’s special election.

But Democrats are jumping ugly on the governor.

The partisan attacks, which follow a Globe item on Baker-raised funds going to support Moore, went so far as to charge Baker with having a direct hand in trying to elect a child molester — even though Baker has denounced Moore as “unfit” for office because of the accusations against him. Jones defeated Moore on Tuesday.

“Baker can try to distance himself all he wants, but the money tells the real story: Charlie Baker helped prop up an alleged child molester,’’ said Democratic Governors Association communications director Jared Leopold. “He will live with the consequences of his decision as long as he remains in public life.”


One gubernatorial candidate, Democrat Setti Warren, also put out a press release claiming Baker was supporting Moore, citing news reports about the joint fund-raising with the RNC and the national party’s decision last week to get behind Moore with its funding.

“Charlie Baker’s support for Roy Moore puts governor on the defensive,” proclaimed Warren’s missive from earlier this week.

Indeed, the Democrats would like nothing better than to use the GOP’s Moore debacle to blow up the governor’s joint fund-raising operation, which has raised $5 million since Baker took office. The party has been seething over Baker’s RNC fund-raising scheme that allows him to hit up wealthy Massachusetts donors for contributions of up to $43,800. Meanwhile, Democratic candidates for governor are restricted by state law to $1000-a-year per-person donations.


But those attacks have not settled well with at least one Democratic political figure — US Representative Stephen Lynch, who even went so far as to hint to a Boston Herald reporter that he may vote for Baker in next year’s gubernatorial race.

“Charlie Baker is a good and decent man,” Lynch is quoted. “To tie him to a pedophile, come on, come on.”

Not surprisingly, Baker’s team agreed with the congressman’s assessment of the situation.

“The governor supports the MassGOP grass-roots victory program to benefit Massachusetts candidates and believes the Democratic congressman from South Boston was spot-on in discrediting the notion that the MassGOP’s efforts somehow translate into the support of a single candidate elsewhere in the country,” said Baker’s campaign spokesman, Billy Pitman. “The governor is thankful the voters of Alabama chose common sense and decency over a divisive partisan candidate unfit to serve.”

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