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This Senate candidate could not remember the name of his congresswoman

Republican US Senate candidate John Kingston, who is pouring millions of his own dollars into his campaign, got popped a question this week that should be even easier than asking about the price of a quart of milk. And he flubbed it.

Kingston, a Winchester resident and political neophyte who has spent the last year going deep in the Massachusetts political world in an effort to challenge Senator Elizabeth Warren, couldn’t name the US House member who represents the district in which he lives.

In an interview with The Sun Chronicle in Attleboro, Kingston, who is campaigning to join the state’s congressional delegation as one of its major players, said he thought it was a Democrat from Cambridge.


But then, according to the story, he went to the Internet and discovered who represents his hometown: US Representative Katherine Clark, who has been in Congress since 2013. (She is indeed, a Democrat, but from Melrose.)

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Asked about his gaffe, Kingston’s campaign, to its credit, owned up to it. But they also tried to paint him as a “true political outsider” who, his spokesman claims, is like other Massachusetts folk who have no idea who is their US representative.

“You got him,’’ said Kingston’s spokesman, Jon Conradi. “John knows the starting lineups for the Red Sox and the Celtics, but like most people in Massachusetts, can’t for the life of him always name every member of our congressional delegation.”

He also tried to turn the tables against one of the leading state Democrats.

“But, to be fair, he does know it includes a Kennedy and a guy who rents a PO Box in Malden,” Conradi said, referring to GOP’s talking points that Senator Edward Markey resides more in a home he owns in a Washington D.C. suburb than in his house in his native Malden.


At least Markey knows who represents him in Congress: Katherine Clark.

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