Senator Rand Paul holds up vote on budget deal

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Senator Rand Paul.


WASHINGTON (AP) — Senator Rand Paul is holding up a vote on the Senate budget deal, saying he can’t in ‘‘all good faith’’ move ahead with the deal without more debate.

The Kentucky Republican says he came to Congress to fight deficits. But now, he says, Republicans and Democrats are ‘‘spending us into oblivion.’’


Lawmakers are facing a midnight deadline. The deal pending in the Senate must first pass the Senate, then the House and be signed into law to avoid a government shutdown. The deal appears to have the votes to pass, but rules of the Senate allow individual senators to hold up the process.

Paul brushed off pleas from Senate leaders.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says, ‘‘It’s time to vote.’’ Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says, ‘‘We’re in risky territory here.’’