Deval Patrick is well aware of the talk that he might run for office again.

Higher office.

The former Massachusetts governor, who is seen as a possible candidate for president in 2020, appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday morning.

Speaking to Jake Tapper, Patrick said, “I’m not ready to be a candidate for 2020” and he would make a decision “in due course.”

Patrick added, “It’s mindblowing to have people speak to me and about me” as a possible presidential hopeful. He said he has received “messages from around the country, and from friends, and from stangers.”

“But right now my focus is on the midterms.”


Patrick has been campaigning for selected Democratic candidates in the November election.

Still, Patrick was ready to talk about current issues Sunday morning. And he sounded like a candidate.

In response to President Trump’s new tiff with LeBron James — Trump criticized James after James criticized him — Patrick said Trump’s tweeted remarks “really don’t help anything and don’t help anyone” and “we want leadership that brings us to each other.”

Tapper contrasted today’s heated political climate with Patrick’s less confrontational style, asking Patrick if his approach will reach across the Democratic Party.

“Only one of those approaches are patriotic,” Patrick said.

But, Patrick said he would support impreaching Trump. If there is reason for such a move, “then I believe we should proceed.”