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Here’s a look at who has denied writing the anonymous New York Times op-ed

An anonymous opinion piece in The New York Times. Richard Drew/Associated Press

In the hours since the publication of an anonymous New York Times op-ed detailing an organized effort to stem President Trump’s “worst inclinations” from within the administration, a number of high-ranking Trump officials have publicly denied being the secretive author.

Here’s a look at who has issued denials, so far:

Vice President Mike Pence

The vice president’s communications director took to Twitter early Thursday morning to echo Trump’s criticism of the op-ed as “gutless” — and deny the office of the vice president was behind it.

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats

Coats, who has spoken out in disagreement with the president publicly in the past, denied he or his deputy were behind Wednesday’s op-ed in a statement posted online Thursday morning.


“Speculation that The New York Times op-ed was written by me or my Principal Deputy is patently false. We did not. From the beginning of our tenure, we have insisted that the entire [intelligence community] remain focused on our mission to provide the President and policymakers with the best intelligence possible.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Pompeo made comments to reporters Thursday while traveling in India denying he was the author: “It’s not mine.”

Pompeo said he would resign if he could not carry out the president’s agenda and took a shot at the Times for running the piece.

“And this person . . . according to The New York Times, chose not only to stay but to undermine what President Trump and this administration are trying to do. And I ought to tell you, just I find — I find the media’s efforts in this regard to undermine this administration incredibly disturbing.”

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen

An agency spokesman told NBC News in a statement that the secretary is “focused on leading the men and women of DHS and protecting the homeland — not writing anonymous and false opinion pieces for the New York Times.”


“These types of political attacks are beneath the Secretary and the Department’s mission,” he said.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin

A spokesperson for Mnuchin tweeted late Thursday morning that it was “laughable” to think the treasury secretary was the source of the op-ed.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson

A spokesman for Ben Carson told Bloomberg that the housing secretary was not the author.

“The Secretary didn’t write the op-ed,” Raphael Williams said, according to Bloomberg.

Defense Secretary James Mattis

Mattis is among those named in a forthcoming Bob Woodward book as criticizing the president’s intelligence. On Thursday, a spokesperson denied Mattis was the author of the Times piece.

“It was not his op-ed,” Dana White told reporters, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry

Calling the writer a “coward” for using anonymity, Energy Secretary Rick Perry tweeted that he was not the author.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

Ross said he was “appalled” by the op-ed and denied writing it.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

A Twitter account belonging to a spokesperson for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos denied involvement.