Not even US senators are safe from time-consuming travel delays, as Senator Angus King discovered this week.

Maine’s junior US senator said that after his flight home from Washington, D.C., was canceled Thursday, he took matters into his own hands: joining up with four other stranded travelers for an all-night drive through the Northeast.

“I was going to try to make a later flight, which may or may not have made it out, when I ran into this crew who had decided to forget the airlines, rent a car, and drive through the night to Maine,” King said in posts on Instagram and Facebook, where he also documented his trip.


He said the group included himself, two software engineers, a professor, and lawyer — “what could go wrong?” — but he seemed to relish the roughly 10-hour drive time.

“Takes me back — sharing the driving, trying to find music everyone likes, and chipping [in] for gas,” the 75-year-old independent wrote.

King said he arrived in Maine just after 4 a.m. and was home in Brunswick by 6 a.m. He said he took the last driving shift so he could be behind the wheel when he crossed into the state.

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