WASHINGTON — An objection by House Republicans to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s remarks criticizing President Trump’s tweets against Democratic congresswomen of color has delayed for more than an hour the chamber’s debate over a resolution condemning Trump’s words.

During a floor speech, the California Democrat said Trump’s tweets were ‘‘disgraceful and disgusting and the comments were racist.’’ She said Republicans should join Democrats in condemning ‘‘the president’s racist tweets’’ and to not do so would be ‘‘a shameful abdication’’ of lawmakers’ oath of office.

Representative Doug Collins said Pelosi’s words should be stricken from the House record, a rare procedural move. But its importance was escalated in a fight that pits Democrats against the president.


In an unusual move, Democratic Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, who was overseeing the debate, stormed away from the presiding officer’s chair. ‘‘We want to just fight,’’ he said as he stormed off.

The move also drew reaction online.

The House floor matter delayed Trump’s planned meeting with Republican congressional leaders, according to a White House pool report.

Ultimately, the House rejected the motion to strike Pelosi’s words from the record.

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