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Warren reportedly says she would have accepted VP offer from Clinton had she been asked

Senator Elizabeth Warren. Carlos Osorio/Associated Press/Associated Press

Senator Elizabeth Warren says she would have accepted the Democratic vice presidential nomination in 2016, had she been asked, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

In a lengthy profile published Thursday, Warren talked about a pivotal time in her career: the run-up to the 2016 presidential election. At the time, Warren had passed on pursuing the nomination herself and made a late endorsement of Hillary Clinton after declining to endorse during the primary between Clinton and Bernie Sanders, sparking some pushback.

A few weeks later as nominee Clinton weighed her VP options, it was widely reported that her team vetted Warren for the job.


But what was less apparent at the time was how close an all-female presidential ticket came to being a reality.

Clinton adviser Philippe Reines described Warren as “the most helpful” to the campaign in a letter obtained by Bloomberg Businessweek.

“If a crystal ball said she wouldn’t antagonize you for four years, it’s hard to argue she isn’t the most helpful for the next four months to get you elected,” he wrote, according to the magazine.

And if Clinton made the offer, would she have joined the ticket?

“Yes,” Warren told reporter Joshua Green.

Of course, Clinton did not offer Warren the job, opting instead for a pick that was friendlier to the Electoral College map: Virginia’s Tim Kaine. And about two and a half years after Clinton’s 2016 election loss, Warren is back in the mix of a presidential race, this time as a Democratic primary candidate.

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