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John Delaney says he was offered a Guinness when he tried to order iced coffee at a Boston bar

Representative John Delaney. Alex Wong/Getty Images/Getty Images

Former Maryland congressman and longshot 2020 Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney apparently had some trouble finding iced coffee in Boston Thursday.

Delaney tweeted that he was offered Guinness when he tried to order an iced coffee at an unnamed Boston bar.

“Boston is great,” he tweeted. “I go to a bar and ask for an iced coffee. The bartender says with a smile ‘can’t help yaah but I can pour some Guinness over ice’.”

The tweet left more questions than answers. Did Delaney take the bartender up on his offer? How many Dunkin’ locations did he pass before arriving at the bar? Who asks for iced coffee at a bar, anyway?


Some Twitter users chided Delaney for his drink order and tweeted maps of the dozens of Dunkin’ locations in the Boston area.

Delaney told the Globe Thursday that he went into the bar because it was close to the Boston Public Library, where he was headed for an interview, and he asked the bartender for an iced coffee.

“And he was really nice, and he smiled and said, you know, ‘Don’t have that,’” before offering the Guinness.

Delaney did not take the bartender up on his offer, but the staff was able to find him some coffee and a cup of ice after all.

“Trust me, I like Guinness, I’m Irish,” Delaney said. “It was all in very good spirit.”

The moderate Democrat is scheduled to campaign in New Hampshire this weekend as he and a number of other candidates sprint to qualify for the next debate in September. He has not yet met the debate criteria, which requires 2 percent support in four polls and 130,000 unique donors.

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