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Elizabeth Warren makes a cameo in the new season of ‘Ballers’ — sort of

Jeff Daly/HBO

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s affection for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is not only well documented — it’s apparently mutual.

In Sunday’s season opener of HBO’s “Ballers,” Johnson’s character, Spencer Strasmore, is seen sitting in an Adirondack chair reading Warren’s 2017 book, “This Fight is Our Fight.”

“Ballers,” now in its last season, stars Johnson, who plays a former professional football player who manages the money of younger pro athletes in Miami.

Prior to the season 5 premiere, Warren tweeted her excitement about the show’s return.

The tweet prompted a response from Johnson thanking Warren for “all your hard work on behalf of our country.”


Warren sings the praises of “Ballers” on a regular basis.

Wishing Johnson a happy birthday in 2018, Warren tweeted out a photo of a signed copy of the pilot’s script.

“Senator Warren, Much Mahalo for lovin’ our show! Stay Ballin’. ” the note read. “P.S. Thank Bruce too!” Johnson added, referring to Warren’s husband, Bruce Mann.

Before that, in a 2017 interview with Samantha Bee, Warren talked about why she liked the show so much.

“It’s actually a story about hard work,” Warren said. “It’s a story about perseverance. It’s a story about having to reach into yourself and find something that you’re not 100 percent sure is there.”

During the interview, Bee surprised Warren with a life-sized cardboard cut out of Johnson.

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