Stephen Colbert asks Elizabeth Warren about her ‘veiled shot’ at Joe Biden during ‘Late Show’ appearance

US Senator Elizabeth Warren on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Tuesday.
US Senator Elizabeth Warren on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Tuesday.The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Senator Elizabeth Warren talked selfie lines, discussed former vice president Joe Biden, and gave an impromptu history lesson when she appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Tuesday night.

On the show, the Massachusetts Democrat and presidential hopeful was asked by Colbert about a remark she made during a rally in New York City on Monday.

“ ‘We can’t choose a candidate we don’t believe in just because we’re too scared to do anything else,’ ” Colbert said, quoting Warren. “Everyone saw that as a veiled shot at Joe Biden. Is that accurate?”

“No,” Warren said. “The way I see this is these really are scary times. It’s scary times because Donald Trump is truly a terrible president; not just bad, terrible.”


“People are seeing you refer to Biden in that because when things do get scary, people run to the familiar, to the safe, to the comfortable. And people are saying that Biden is that feeling for people,” Colbert said. “How do you make yourself familiar and comfortable to these people?”

“I just don’t see it the same way, Stephen,” she said. “I see it as either we can hide under the covers or we can say, no, we get it. The government isn’t working for us. Donald Trump is in charge, but things have been broken for a very long time. We can actually come together, all of us, fight back, and make this the country we want it to be. For me, this is about looking forward.”

Warren then launched into a story about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City in 1911 — which killed more than 140 workers — saying the event helped propel eventual US Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins to government office, and led to policies like the minimum wage, unemployment insurance, Social Security, and weekend days off.


Warren also spoke about how she took selfies with supporters for more than four hours after her New York rally.

“Why don’t we just quit now and do a selfie line?” she asked Colbert after walking out on stage.

“We don’t have four hours, ma’am,” Colbert said.

“You know, the selfies are the most fun about this,” she said. “It means you get the person-to-person about this. It means for every single person who stays in that line — and look, somebody waited four hours, you know, the guy at the end — it’s about power. It’s about saying, ‘I get it . . . I’m in this fight all the way, and I got a selfie to prove it.’ ”

“That’s validating the parking ticket, is what it is,” Colbert quipped.

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