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Share your thoughts: A gunshot shatters a Milwaukee home, and a mother doubts her vote will stop the next one

Stacey Hodges Harmon's son Camrin Euell, 8, opened the back door to his apartment building on the North Side of Milwaukee. Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

When the bullet bore through her bedroom window, Stacey Hodges Harmon rolled off her bed and onto the ground, calling out in anguish for her youngest son, William, who had disappeared into the hall seconds before.

“I just lost it,” Harmon said. “I was screaming, crying, because I thought that he had gotten shot.”

She found her five-year-old curled up under a table in the front room of her apartment, silent, terrified, but physically unhurt. She called the police while she and William were still lying on the floor on that day this summer.

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